Since the board of Thor cannot perform all tasks necessary for the association to run on its own, they are helped by a large number of committees. These consist of several people who share an interest and take action when it comes to organising events.

The BuEx Committee, short for "buitenlandse excursie" is a committee assigned with organizing a multiple day excursion trip outside of the Netherlands.
The CEB is a committee to support the Board. When the Board doesn't have a Commissioner of Public Relations, the tasks normally carried out by the comissioner are often transfered to this comm...
The CoCo is the committee that is in charge of the computers and servers in the committeeroom.
At november 28th, Thor has its Dies Natalis. To celebrate this anniversary, a week full of activities, both educational as enternaining, is organised. The activities vary from an excursion to ...
The FotoCo does what the name implies, taking pictures. They are represented at all Thor activities to capture the moment on (digital) film.
Ivaldi is the committee for our first year students. Ivaldi organises at least two activities. The first one is called “Open Huis Dag” (Open House Day), and the other is a themed party.
The Jabo is responsible of the creation of the annual report of Thor. This book describes everything that happened in Thor during that year. As a member of the committee you can choose a main ...
Kvasir is the field trip committee. They organize several events including company visits, lunches and lectures.
Every fifth anniversary of Thor is called a lustrum. The celebration of a lustrum usually lasts a full month. A lustrum-month is similar to a Dies-week, but the difference is that during a lus...
The ReisCo consists of a group of 8 to 10 active members. They organise a study trip to a foreign country that lasts at least a week.
One of the important activities Thor organizes is a symposium. The goal of this conference is to discuss the advancement of technologies on a specific research area.
The TACo, or TapAutoCommissie, builds the yearly Tapauto (Tap Car). This makes this the ideal committee for first year Automotive students (or anyone else interested in Automotive).
Student life is more than just studying. It's also about having lots of fun and instructive moments. This is the reason Thor organises a weekend for all the freshmen every year. The main focus...
Together with the studentburo, Thor organises a week dedicated to the new electrical engineering students at the start of every new academical year.
Every member of Thor receives the Connecthor in his/her mailbox every quarter, but putting it together takes quite some time. Every issue, the TOCo, in partnership with the faculty of Electric...
The WaCo is a committee to support the Board. The tasks that are normally carried out by the Commissioner Walhalla. These task include ordering new supplies, making sure the Walhalla is cleane...
The website you are looking at right now didn't come online by itself. The WebCo designed this website and added a lot of nice features so it became the way it is. But of course the WebCo stil...
19 April
Some exceptional people are awarded with the "Superspeld", a honor only to those who were honorably discharged out of 7 committees.